A Wedding in Waders

Elk, deer, eagles, the mountains, a river…and a wedding. Who could say no? Most important and special of all, a friend was involved. Last weekend I flew to Pittsburg from Lexington, then drove 3.5 hours into the mountains of PA to a little place called Driftwood. I arrived at the cabin at 11:00 pm Friday. The next morning it poured and left everyone wondering if the 3:00 ceremony would get rained out. They had built a bridge out to a little island littered with baby sycamores in the middle of the river. Every shade of gold and orange swept the landscape in the colors of fall. There was a quiet peacefulness that sang the tune of moving water and falling leaves. The tip of the island opened up to an expanse of river and golden mountains. This was to be the ceremony area. The “pews” were hewn of half-split logs and stumps. God’s sanctuary never disappoints or fails to delight the soul:)

The best angles for the ceremony were from the water at times. Kira, the bride and my friend from the challenge course, was prepared for me. She readily suggested the groom’s dad’s waders! To which I didn’t hesitate.:) Not only cute but very warm! It wasn’t more than 54 out and very wet air. Needless to say, this wasn’t my normal wedding attire but my favorite. I love the outdoors and it didn’t bother me one bit to risk getting wet. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to share the images from this incredible love story!