Alicia and Brady

Fall photographs at Shaker Town. That was our destination. I was particularly
excited about taking photographs forAlicia and Brady because I knew they were
both outdoorsy.This to me meant they would be more than willing to go off the
beaten path. That's EXACTLY what I had planned! We had a blast, playing in the
leaves and even trekking into the weeds. I was praying out loud that God would
keep me safe from all spiders as I walked into the weeds that towered at least
a foot over my head. Brady reassured me that he, too, was afraid of spiders.
It's a good thing I didn't have to be the brave photographer. We didn't see any
snakes or spiders but we did come out covered with nettles. But I'd say the images
were worth it. I can't wait to photograph their wedding next May!


I asked Alicia to write a few words about how they met. She wrote not only that but their engagement story too!

"Brady and I met at Indiana Wesleyan University.  We became friends the year
Brady transfered to IWU through Brady's sister Danielle.  Our friendship
grew over 2 years when we began to date. When we first started dating I made
him wait a month to kiss me.  When the day came he came to my house and
blind folded me and took me one of our favorite places next to a lake.  He
had candles set up and he took the blindfold off and we had our first kiss.
It was perfect :)"

Brady was living in Maine at the time and had made the decision to move to
Kentucky in the folllowing weeks.  I was convinced that he would propose
sometime after he moved.  I had talked to him frequently that week and he
never let me know what he was planning.  It was July 3rd and I had planned
to eat lunch with Danielle (Brady's sister) at Pazzos.  After lunch I asked
Danielle what she wanted to do that day.  She responded by saying "why don't
we go geo caching."  For those who don't know, geo caching is a GPS
scavenger hunt.  Brady and I went geo caching together and enjoyed the
adventure of finding the end prize.  In order to geo cache you go to the geo
cache website and type in your location and you find GPS coordinates
of a "cahe" you follow the GPS until you find the prize.  I told Danielle
that I would love to go geo caching but I no longer have the GPS, Brady has
it in Maine.  Then Danielle pulls out the GPS from her bag and hands me an
envelope and tells me good luck.  I open the envelope and see that its a
letter from Brady.  The letter was titled "Love" he had written some
scripture, a note, a riddle to the first clue, and the GPS coordinates.
I followed the GPS to the Indiana Wesleyan Building in Lexington.  This was
the name of the college in where we had met.  I found my next clue (with the
help of Danielle).  The second clue was entitled "God" it was about
our spirtual relationship and had scripture versus, a note, a riddle, and
the GPS coordinates.  The second clue led me to the our Pastors house where
our church started.  The third clue was entitled "Home" It
continued with scripture, a personal note, riddle, and GPS coordiantes.
It led me to my apartment.  At this point I was so exicted and I was
hoping that he would there!  I walked into my apartment and it was covered
with candles, rose petals, and he had printed pictures of us all over the
walls.  He was standing in my room and told me to sit down.  He read me
a poem and started to tear up.  He got down on his knee and asked me to
marry him.  I said YES YES YES!!  The proposal was way beyond my
expectations and the joy of that moment will last forever!