Asbury Outdoors’ Adventure Race 2009

Three years ago I started working at the Asbury College Challenge Course. It’s gorgeous, all outside and I get to help people learn about themselves, leadership and team dynamics through adventure challenge. The course is part of Asbury College’s Adventure programs. The college is in the perfect area for everything outdoors: the river, the forest, the palisades.

Each October Asbury Outdoors hosts an Adventure Race. The race covers 9 miles through mountain biking, trail running, canoeing, completing a section of the high ropes course and completing a problem-solving low ropes initiative. This year it was on October 31. The morning was wet and cold but it seem to dampen the spirits of the contestants. There had been so much rain, a raging waterfall had formed over the top of the palisade trail. Runners had to pass through the waterfall for a section of the trail run. Never a dull moment when adventure is involved.







To see a complete image gallery, go to my website and type in “adventure” in the “client proof” section. If you were a participant in the race please contact Trent Ellsworth at 859-858-3511, ext. 2491, for a complementary disc of images.