Chastity & Patrick: Engaged; Lexington, KY Photography

Chastity and Patrick met me out toward Versailles to do engagement photographs that we all things “Kentucky.” She’s a country girl and he’s an assistant football coach at Morehead State. Beautiful weather for such a beautiful couple.

I asked Chastity for a few words on how she met Patrick:

Mostly whenever people say that they fell in love at first sight they are using it as a figure of speech but it literally happened for us. The day that we met each other was a simple regular day that will never be forgotten. We had mutual friends that all decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink. The girls kept trying to get me to approach a table to meet a guy but I kept refusing to go. Whenever I turned around and saw who they were talking about I could not keep my eyes off of him, I had to make my way beside him. After talking for hours we went and played a game of scramble. I know it does not sound very interesting but this was the time of my life. It is amazing how one person can make such a big difference in just one night. As this sweet guy walked me to my car he picked me up, spun me around, and kissed me on the forehead. At this moment my heart dropped to my feet, I knew he was the one I was going to continue my future with. Every day since then we have talked and shared so many unexplainable memories.
One of my biggest fears is heights and even the thought of being up high has me shaking within my skin. Patrick and I love going hiking, so one beautiful morning he decided to take me on a walk to this mountain that oversees our whole town. As we almost got to the top I backed out, I was so scared that my feet were planted in place. Whenever he took my hand and said it was going to be okay I knew he was about to help me overcome my fear; I was going to make it up there! Having him beside me makes everything better and I know that I can get through anything. As we reached the top you could see for miles and I was overwhelmed with excitement with the remarkable scenery.  I was trying to take in the “perfect” moment whenever Patrick dropped to one knee and asked me the question that would completely change my life, “Will you marry me?” My heart skipped a beat and I was stunned, no words would come out. Luckily moments later I could speak again and of course “YES” immediately slipped out. Patrick spun me around and kissed me on the head again and that is whenever I knew I was making the right choice. My fairytale had begun….well once I got back down the mountain and could breathe.