Chris Weiss: Top-Knotch Guitarist: Commercial Band Photography

Music is part of my chemical make-up. I have been a musician myself for most of my life: piano, saxophone, tuba. Nashville feels like home to me. Belmont University is where I completed most of my undergrad. I should only feel so honored when a respected musician asks me to partner with them in creating the photography to go along with their CD. Chris Weiss, a local guitarist, will blow you away. His music talent on the guitar reminds me of many of the guitarists I knew at Belmont. You know, the ones that practiced 5 hours a day. Chris met me at Jacobson Park to start shooting toward a base idea for the album. Two hours later we’d come up with a different concept-better, cooler and just all around awesome! I can’t wait to see and hear the finished product. Try to catch Chris around Lexington when you can!

Worth it's weight in gold