Coffee House Refuge; The Hub in Danville

I’m reposting my photographs from The Hub Coffee House in Danville. The atmosphere is great and so is the food. You can go there and see my photographs on the walls. The locals, the celebrities, that make the Hub, well…the Hub:)

I love people. The nice ones, the mean ones, the fun ones, the sad ones; the lady that cackles too loud, the older couple that shares a slice of pie while he reads the paper and she knits; the weathered young man who has stood the test of time and quietly watches out the window; the group of students that laughs and jokes about the upcoming dance; the gentle yet firm bookworm. They all look so relieved to be here, wrapped safely in the arms of a coffee or chai. Time for yourself, time set aside to meet a special friend- time everyone looks forward to. Coffee Houses are a modern day refuge.