Elizabeth & Nate: Engagement, Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography

Elizabeth and Nate: one of the love stories you’d like to be your own. A childhood friend you’d grown up with and one day stumbled deeply in love with. I’d be thrilled to say I not only shot their engagement photos but am also doing the wedding but…they are getting married in the British West Indies-without me:( lol It’s okay- I’ll be there for your 25th wedding anniversary party! Promise!;)

I had such an enjoyable evening at beautiful Shaker Village. The leaves were bursting with oranges, reds and yellows. The weather was a tough 74-ish degrees in the evening time…in October…in Kentucky? Can you say “spoiled?” I could tell they were best friends; how they laughed , played in the leaves, were adventurous to try fun poses. It was a great evening indeed- even though I felt the need to keep calling Nate “Todd.” I have no idea where that came from. He was nice to me even though I had those unfailing blond moments:) Elizabeth you will be a beautiful bride and Nate an adoring groom. Best of luck to Flizabeth as she serves in the medical field:)

Here is Elizabeth’s version of their love story:

“Nate and Liz met at the age of 6 in their first-grade class.  They
both know the defining moment in their relationship back then was when
Nate offered Liz a purple/blue (they can’t totally agree on the color)
crystal rock.  Liz knew that acceptance of the rock would take their
relationship to the next level, so she declined the gift!  Despite her
declining the rock, Nate and Liz grew up as friends.  They even went
to horse camp together!  When it came time to find a date for the
senior prom, Liz knew she wanted to enjoy the the night with one of
her best friends.  So, she asked Nate and he, of course, said yes.
And here they are… 7 years later!”