Emily & Daniel: Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography

Easy-going and fun. Loves pie! That’s this couple to a tee. They seemed so perfectly suited for some Kentucky style engagement photos. My favorite part of our shoot was the horses. I forget that not everyone grew up around big animals. As I climbed the fence to get a good angle I brought the viewfinder to my eye expecting both Emily and Daniel to be stroking the horses’ noses. To my surprise they had never pet a horse before and were safely keeping their distance. However they overcame the unknown and got used to the velvet-like nose of the horse and realized these were pretty neat animals. The photos tell all! Thanks for being brave:) I can’t wait until your June wedding.

I asked Emily to write a few words on how she met Daniel and how he proposed:

So it all began in a U.S. government class at the University of Kentucky. Emily was a delightful freshman eager to begin her first year in college and Daniel was rushing a not so delightful fraternity. After several weeks of Daniel admiring Emily from one row over, he finally got the courage to speak to her. “Hi! So, did you do your homework?” -Daniel Robbins Emily,very much aware of the creepy man one row over admiring her, might have responded with a charming and ever so sarcastic “yup.”  It didn’t take long for Daniel to rebound from the first encounter and permanently change his government seat, offer his number, and respectfully request that Emily do the same. A few coffee dates later and by a few I mean four years of coffee- they were hooked!