Engaged:Erin & Rob; Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

Erin & Rob really are best friends! I could tell during that first meeting at my studio they were two people that truly enjoyed being with each other. They were both so excited to plan their wedding that was to be uniquely and perfectly them! Gosh are they a blast to be with too. We had a “traveling” engagement session around the streets of downtown Lexington. They were up for anything. I cannot wait to see how beautiful their October wedding will be!

“Rob and I first met as students at Lafayette Senior High School, where our mutual friend introduced him to me as “the nicest guy in the world.”  I liked him and his cute quirks right away, and we were friends from that day forward.  We shared our first kiss over a picnic of cold pizza and cupcakes in the hallway of our high school.  I was only sixteen, but I knew very early on that I would marry him someday.

Last September 12, Zach announced that he wanted to do something fun for dinner.  Armed with a tote full of our favorite Chinese takeout, he took me to Shillito Park for a picnic beneath the trees.  As we ate, we watched the families at the park, imagining that we would bring our own kids and dogs to play there one day.  I remember the stars and the full moon rose early that night, and as the sun began to set, Zach asked if I was ready for dessert.
“Of course!  I’m always ready for snacks.”
“Close your eyes,” he said, pointing a stern finger at me.  “And no peeking.”  I heard him rustling around in his bag for a moment.   “Okay, open them.”
My sweet man was kneeling beside me with a velvet box in his hand and a big grin on his face.  “Will you marry me, sweetie?”
I am usually that person who cries over everything from children’s books to dog food commercials, but that night, all I could do was laugh.  We hugged.  We kissed.  I got my red lipstick all over his face.  I was giddy!  As if all of this weren’t enough, Zach had another surprise in store: a pint of my favorite Cherry Garcia ice cream and a bottle of champagne, courtesy of my parents.  At one point, he exclaimed, “You’re my fiancée.  We’re engaged.”  We high-fived, then ran off to play on the swings for a few minutes before heading home.

It’s been ten years in the making, and our “someday” is almost here.  We can’t wait!