Going Blue

I love blue. My eyes are very blue; a beautiful cobalt. It’s the color of the sky, the ocean. It’s the color of big things, free things. God loved blue so much He made a special time in each day, called the “blue hour” where the sky turns mezmorising shades of blue. It happens twice a day and is more like a fleeting 15-minute window. One must prepare in advance to catch this fast-footed beauty!

Downtown Nicholasville gave me the perfect “state route” old town feel for the photograph. I framed. I metered. I waited. Just as the sun dipped and it’s golden tone slipped from the sky, I began shooting. The rolling boiling clouds gave a nice texture to the blues. But man oh man! What a gem the final shot turned out to be. Black is nice for city light shots but blue is divine:)

Blue in Town