Great American Road Trip: The Best Way to See the US!

I did it. Well an abbreviated one. I took a road trip with my friend Jeanette. 4400 miles and 10 states later we have become better women. I photographed a wedding on March 31, raced home, unloaded wedding gear, reloaded trip gear and headed to Nashville to meet Jeanette. About 9:30 she bid her husband, cats and dog farewell and we drove west! Being the night owl she took the first shift. The arch of St. Louis hovered over us around 3:00 am but wasn’t lit!!!! What?! I took over about 5:00 and drove on through Kansas City into Kansas. So many people told me what an awful piece of boring Kansas was to drive but they couldn’t have been more wrong! Rolling meadows, flint hills, wind turbines…I was impressed. Maybe I was just high on the euphoric romance of the west! Oh goodness…anyway. I’ll start the image posting with photos from the leg home. I-40 outside Amarillo to the west, just off old Route 66 is Cadillac Ranch. We stopped there on Saturday, Easter eve. We trekked through the windy gusts to the middle of a wheat field where 10 Cadillacs stand buried, end up in the red Texas dirt. You can bring your spray paint leave your mark…until the next person covers it with theirs.