The Queen City: a Small Glimpse of Her Splendor

Magellan; that’s what you can call me. Exploring is in my blood. I live for the chance to discover something new. I’ve made Cincinnati my new “new world.” Obviously people have lived here for centuries, the city itself was founded in 1790 as Losantiville-13 years before Ohio became a state. Revolutionary War General St. Clair later changed the name to Cincinnati, after the Society of Cincinnatus. Her population growth and importance in commerce and river trade made her the biggest, most bustling city in the west. She was know as the “Queen of the West” or just “The Queen City.”

So, because I live so close to such a gem, I’m going to find the most beautiful parts of the city. The places where you’d expect and the places you’d normally never give a second thought to-I’ll find them. I will show them to you in a way you’ve never seen them before! You’ll discover Cincinnati too:)

View from Mt. Adams