Hidden Treasures in Mistakes

This image was a mistake. I took it when I was just learning the camera. I metered for Mandi -my lovely model- on the street around the corner. Then we stepped into this shaded alley and I didn’t remember to change my settings. The image looked black until I put it through ACR. I took the exposure up the full 2 stops and got a little detail back. I had to take the grain that went with it but WOW! LOVE! I wanted a clean, nearly even lit subject and I got this mysterious, light-sculpted beauty! I wouldn’t have thought to do that. This is one of my favorites you know:) It makes me stare…and wonder. A learning experience for sure. Now I know how to set my camera without having that distracting noise and I’ve used it many times. Don’t you just love when your mistakes humble you but make you stronger on the other side?:) Go play, live.