Lynn’s Paradise Cafe: A Happier Way to Dine; Louisville Kentucky Photography

Yes, that’s a photograph. All these are photographs. If you’ve never seen my work or read my blog I create a lot of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. I really like HDR for the range in exposure you get and the creative way they can be processed. I want to be wowed! That’s why this kind of photography is the only kind I found suitable to portray Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY. It’s like a circus for your eyes! Lots of bright colors, one-of-a-kind decorations and food you can’t get at a chain. My favorite has to be the mannequin legs, all with a different pair of crazy pants like only your grandma can get away with wearing, jutting out from the walls high above each booth. Or maybe it’s the cups of tiny plastic animals or crayons on top of each table. All I know is that it’s not what you expect when you get there, there’s no place like it and everyone has to go there once. It’s impossible to leave without a smile on your face. Go there to take pictures. Go there to eat pancakes filled with cinnamon granola pancakes at 3:00 in the afternoon. It’s an artist’s paradise. It’s a grow-ups’ retreat from serious. It’s…Lynn’s, a happy place:)

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