Married: Bethany & Randy: Wilmore, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Every bride shold start her day with Starbucks

Bethany married Randy at the Free United Methodist Church in Wilmore. Her earthy green and yellow tones wove beautifully throughout the day. Her family had SO much fun together. I had an incredible time just watching everyone enjoy each other during the wedding day celebration. MANY laughs were had by all.

Confession: my favorite piece of the day was the bouquet and it's queen Anne's lace. I only collected gobs of it in the fields as a kid. It's wild and free:)

Can't help but adore her colors

Bethany's adorable son served as ring bearer

Bethany's maids and friends gathered around her in prayer before the ceremony.

Bethany's grandfather, who officiated the wedding, looks on

The Thoroughbred Center

Pure Joy!

Teach them how to dance

Best catching bouquet reaction ever! Jesse was the life of the party all day!