Married: Lauren & Brian, Louisville Wedding Photography

107. I wish I could say that was the address number. It was 107 degrees on that sweltering Saturday. A rooftop wedding is a grand idea in in the city of Louisville. On top of the Frazier Museum, overlooking the river at sunset was the scene for Lauren and Brian’s wedding. They knew it’d be warm but o one imagined it’d be a furnace out there. Rather than scrap the idea and move inside, Lauren and Brian’s quick thinking moved them to shorten the ceremony. This was much to everyone’s delight. I mean the actual rooftop was so hot I couldn’t set my knee on it as I squatted between processional shots. (Enter quad workout.)

The reception couldn’t have been more beautiful! With a few ideas from Lauren and the experts at Fleur De Lis it was just stunning. Lauren and Brian both are two of the most genuine people. They will certainly enjoy many more years together!

Wouldn’t you love to be this lovely when you have a daughter old enough to get married?

Lauren in the make-up chair, not that she really needs make-up:)

What a great bridesmaid gift!

On top of the world

A testimony to the heat that day! Yikes!

Ah…sibling love:)