Married- Stacey & Kent: Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

Such a privilege for me to photograph the wedding of a fellow talented photographer. Kent Ashley of Ashley Portraits married Stacey Berry in Wilmore, KY at Estes Chapel. It was a marvelous September day- not too hot. Two great families to spend the day with.

Finishing touches

The "A" on the cake is taken from Kent's company logo, Ashley Portraits.

Kent fences so Stacey surprised him with a special themed groom's cake!

Who says you can't play with your food?

Stacey's MOH, her sister, gave an animated toast.

Her reaction was just as good!

Kent left extra time after the reception for photographs. That’s a photographers dream. All too often we are so rushed to get couples photographs. If you can leave the extra time, the images will be that much better.

One of my favorites.

This shot was Stacey's idea. What great taste.

Another one of my favorites because of its timeless feel

A terrific parting shot by Kent's cousin Ashley Eden