Next Door Neighbors and Early Clients

I know…I couldn’t resist this little face either! I had goats for 4-H projects when I was younger so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go make friends with some new babies next door to my studio. I had about an hour before a meeting with a couple about their May 2013 wedding. My plan was to go next door, take a few shots and get back 15 minutes early- enough time to change, rid myself of goat smell and look presentable. When I stepped into the goat pen the 4 week old triplets ran over and began jumping up on my legs like dogs. Sooo cute but sooo muddy. I didn’t realize I’d be covered in mud and goat poo from this. It’s a great thing I keep a spare pair of jeans in my Xterra in case I find somewhere to go hiking and need to change. I watched the little guys bounce and climb everywhere! So agile…no wonder they can easily live high in the mountains. Before I knew it I needed to get back. Of course getting away from the farmer is easier said than done. There’s always a zillion stories I’ve not heard yet. I made it out, pulled in the studio drive 15 minutes early and there sat the couple waiting for me already! It was too late to try and do anything about my mess-of-self. I explained myself and the dark streaks and spots on my jeans as we walked into the studio. They were so understanding even though they aren’t country folks. The couple I met with last week came earlier than I expected too. I came straight from horseback riding. I was covered in dirt (it’s been raining a lot here) and horse hair, my own hair afuzz from my helmet. Oh Dani…<shakes> head. It’s no reflection on my professionalism at an event. I’m always early, never miss a beat. It just goes to show I’m well-rounded, God likes to keep me on my toes and I should always be ready 1/2 hour before appointments!

The farmer that loves his goats

The mother of the triplets. Feeds all three and still produces a great milking every day.

Where's the snowcaone?