Sarah and Wade

December 5, 2009

Sarah and Wade were married in the Queen City on a frosty December day. The sun was setting as Sarah was getting ready for their 6:30 wedding at the Cincinnati Vineyard Church. I got the privilege of having another professional photographer, Bill Morgan from KivaPix, shoot as my second photographer. He has taught me so much about photography.  It was a little intimidating:)

I asked Sarah to write some words on how she and Wade met. This is her story:

“Wade and I met on facebook—I normally don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, but for some reason I did this time.  Oct 07 we talked on facebook, he had friend requested me because I had The Ragamuffin Gospel on my list of favorite books, apparently I was the only one at University of Cincinnati that popped up who had that book listed…so we met at Starbucks one day and I knew after 5 minutes I was going to marry him…
Wade proposed to me at a park, there was no one else around and we were sitting on a bench.  Previously, we met at the mall—he was late because he told me he had a flat tire but really he was asking my dad for permission to marry me.  The day before he proposed I gave him a letter that I wrote to my future husband while I was on a mission trip in Peru in 2006. He matched up the date of my letter with a journal entry he wrote on that same day—most of the notebook was full of baseball stats and scores and little things like that, but on that same day he wrote very specific things that coincided with the letter I wrote.  After he read me his journal entry he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
So that’s our story ”

December weddings have great decorations

Diving in

It's nice to have your bridesmaids for moral support

Fluffing-VERY important:) A wedding gown tradition

While the ladies were getting ready, the men had other things on their mind

The ceremony was beautiful. However, the adorabe flower girl had other things on her mind.

Some nice old style movie lighting from a video light Bill brought. I love moody light!

A quick stop at Tri-County Mall's Starbucks. A short tribute to where their romance began.

The first dance

Stealing a sweet kiss as though they were the only two people in the world...:)

Congratulations Wade and Sarah!