Warped Reality: A Small Explanation on Why We Hate What We See

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to look like the girl in the magazine no matter how hard you try? Why you can’t find those gorgeous cover girls at the mall and on every street corner, just waiting to be asked out? It’s because they don’t exist. That’s right. Even the simplest photo altering techniques can make a pretty girl unbelievable-literally.

I used my own photo to demonstrate. I even left that little pimple by my lip. Go ahead say it. I’m brave:) {No really! I feel vulnerable leaving that imperfection blaring it’s horn right on my face. It’s like sporting a tattoo on my forehead that says ‘I’m not perfect.’} All the images we see in magazines have a higher color contrast than real to life colors. The skin is smoother, the eyes brighter. Make-up and hair is touched up too. It’s not uncommon to make the neck longer, check bones higher and eyes bigger making the person seem thinner-which I didn’t do here. Crazy what we’ll believe. It’s why we’re satisfied when we look in the mirror but then when we watch a movie, TV, see an ad or pick up a magazine- the mirror becomes our worst enemy.

original image, white balanced and sharpened


Simple touches in Photoshop

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