Wedding: Coco and Nick; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer



Coco and Nick celebrated their union in perfect Kentucky style. Though he is from the land of Wisconsin and she is from that far away land they call California, the couple chose the bluegrass state to make their love solid. Coco and Nick both were brought here by the equine industry. It’s only natural a love for horses would draw them together. They’d originally had planned using their two horses, Dream and Bill, in the ceremony. An unfortunate accident left Dream with only one eye. Being concerned for her safety, they opted not to have her or Bill join the festivities. I don’t blame them at all.

The ceremony and reception were lovely; an intimate affair with 14 family members. Outdoors, under a canopy of trees at the west end of Shaker Village. Trailing rock fences, board fences, ancient building and grassy meadows served as a beautifully decorated backdrop to their union. The sounds of the hills could be heard from a bluegrass band, Shades of Grass. As usual the chef at Shaker Village served up a delicious dish containing potatoes and asparagus fresh from the garden. The Sugar Forest created the most mouth-watering confection around- a 3-tiered cake. Local honey and miniature Maker’s Mark bottles were set as favors.

A small wedding but the quality of atmosphere and enjoyment by all was immense! Coco and Nick are two of the nicest, down home people around. They come from wonderful families. Many congrats and thank you for inviting me to be apart of it!

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