Wedding: Kayla & Matt; Richmond, Kentucky and Berea Kentucky Wedding Photography

Stamper 279It was a perfect, warm October day in Berea when Kayla wed Matt. She put so much detail into their storybook wedding. I couldn’t have been more excited to document their day. Kayla and Matt’s love has been a true test of time. Their love story in Kayla’s words:

“Matt and Kayla’s love story began in 2000 when they were in the sixth grade. It may sound cliche and mushy to say  it was love at first sight, especially at 12 years old, but that’s exactly how the cookie crumbled. They were inseparable for  the next decade! Matt’s chivalry and wacky sense of humor captivated Kayla, and Matt fell in love with Kayla’s kind heart and fun spirit. Like every couple, they had their ups and downs. But through faith and prayer, God brought them back together.  Matt     took Kayla to Shaker Village in January of 2013 and popped the question! The fairy tale became a reality on October 5 at Danforth Chapel in Berea Ky.”

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