Wedding: Tembre & Michael; Part 1; Louisville, Kentucky Photography

This was our second wedding together. The first time Tembre and Michael were guests. I was taking photographs. This time they were the bride and groom. I…was again the photographer. I play that part well:) Tembre’s cousin April had hired me to photograph her special wedding day celebration. At the time of April’s June wedding I had only met this weeks just before. But I knew from the start I would enjoy them. Tembre and Michael are both equally bubbly, fun and genuine! On the wedding day when it was the groom’s turn for photographs I greeted Michael with a “How are you doing?” He replied, “No. The question is how are YOU doing?” SHOCK! And he meant it! He had every right to be stressed out/ nervous/ throwing up in the restroom but he was so excited and even wanted to know how I was. If you met them, I don’t think there is any way you could deny their sincere love for each other. It’s the kind of relationship that reminds you true love does still exist…and endure. I couldn’t be more grateful for the invite to be apart of their day. Tembre’s family made me feel like I WAS family.

As incredible as the day was, the highlight was marked by an ending adventure. I took one of those maiden voyages that Columbus himself would be envious of. (That may be a tiny bit of an exaggeration). The talented organ player let me crawl up inside the INCREDIBLE organ! Yes-INSIDE! There are over 3,000 pipes and the sound just swirls around that sanctuary. The acoustics will make you cry. What a triumphant ending to a spectacular day. Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Holland, my new wonderful friends:)

Tembre's younger sister was curious about those blonde extensions


So lovely


I couldn't resist putting this one in! I caught this moment during family formals. Something must have been afoot.:)


Tembre bleeds blue right down to her blue hydrangeas


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